AUDIO: Video- India Arie

Dear Ladies,

Listen to this song &read this post. Take some time to ponder on the subject.  

I know it’s hard trying to love yourself in a society when your body is all a man sees. But, remember you are more than that, YOU’RE A QUEEN. No matter what anyone says. There is no reason why you must change who you are, for some one else’s satisfaction. 

Lately, it seems as is women feel as if they can no longer be comfortable in their own skin. Clothes are getting tighter, shorter, and barely visible. Sooner of later people will be walking around naked and that is far from attractive. 

LADIES, HOW CAN WE TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER &HOW SLUTTY ONE ANOTHER LOOK, BUT GO RIGHT AROUND &WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT. But, for what? To get a man to do a double take? You must realize we are worth so much more. We need to stand our own. 

We are the future, just make sure we’re making a good one. You need love, and most importantly you need to love yourself. xoxo.