where is the love?

It’s been awhile, but honestly where is the love? It seems as if everyone is getting into some drama either with friends, families and even co-workers. WHY? What is the benefit of that? The heartbreak, the anger, the despair. It benefits NO ONE. :( 

Hopefully we can all come to see that summer is soon here, the time to let loose, have some fun and prosper as a person and in life. 

So, how bout within the next week try and do one random act of kindness towards someone. Maybe even opening a door for someone who has their hands full. SPREAD THE LOVE. <3 

xoxo, youneedlove. let me be your supplier. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
— Aristotle 

Kick the habit.

Dear YNL,

People say I talk shit all the time. What do they mean and how do I change it? For most of my life I have been told from loads of people that I talk shit all the time. I don’t lie about stuff and just enjoy general banter, but obviously I want to kick the habit! Just not sure where to start.


Dear Shitter, 

It’s hard getting told you talk a lot of shit. Whether it is true or not, you’re right it is a habit that no one would like to possess. But, seems as if people are mistaking your blunt and abruptness for shit talking. I mean, those can also be seen as good qualities. But, most people prefer to have someone in a neutral median or blunt and friendly. 

You can start by THINKING before you speak. I mean, who hasn’t had those moments where they spoke some pretty harsh and blunt words cause’ we forgot to think and process it out. Haha. Maybe even throw in a few random compliments to people surrounding you. Hmm, it’s starting to sound like you need love! Love your life, and the bantering some people get offended by will soon fade away. But, don’t change youself in the process.

xoxo, YNL.

To move, or not to move.

Dear YNL,

My boyfriend wants us to live together but I am scared. We have been together for 4 years. We live like one min from each other. I can see his car from my window. We see each other everyday. However, I am worried things may change if we live together. I have heard so many stories of people breaking up after moving in. I am comfortable living alone. We live every close. It takes less than a min to walk to his house! He is my neighbor.

-Unsure GF

Dear Unsure GF,

This is a big step, moving in with a significant other. The doubt shouldn’t be there if you honestly feel like you two get a long well. I mean, you’ve been together for four years. You wouldn’t have made it that far if you two didn’t get a long well and are comfortable around each other. But, moving in is a big step. If you are ready for the commitment, go for it. Stories of other people breaking up over moving in usually consists of couples who move in too soon, when they haven’t even gotten to know their significant other. But, just because you two have been together for four years doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. If you feel like you need the space, don’t be in a rush. Take it slow, at a pace you’re comfortable with. xoxo, YNL.

Oooh yay.

Got a few emails, I’m working on some heart felt advice for you guys! (:

Life is waiting for you ahead, leave the pessimism at the door. xoxo. 


Ahhh’ I love Twitter. Just made one for my Tumblr, unfortunately someone already took youneedlove &decided not to keep up with it. :( 

But, you can see my tweets at www.twitter.com/letslovelife

You need love, to live freely. So, are you ready to love? (: xoxo

Advice Column.

I want this to be like an advice column, as you can see I just started this page a few hours ago. (: 

But, if you need some advice send me an email at 

youneedlove@rocketmail.com &I’d love to give you some!

&don’t worry, your email will NOT be posted on here. So, send away. 

I will post all stories, or at least the juicy stories on here. Haha. Depending on what type of situations I receive.

Just remember, you need love in your life. To keep the soul happy. xoxo

AUDIO: Video- India Arie

Dear Ladies,

Listen to this song &read this post. Take some time to ponder on the subject.  

I know it’s hard trying to love yourself in a society when your body is all a man sees. But, remember you are more than that, YOU’RE A QUEEN. No matter what anyone says. There is no reason why you must change who you are, for some one else’s satisfaction. 

Lately, it seems as is women feel as if they can no longer be comfortable in their own skin. Clothes are getting tighter, shorter, and barely visible. Sooner of later people will be walking around naked and that is far from attractive. 

LADIES, HOW CAN WE TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER &HOW SLUTTY ONE ANOTHER LOOK, BUT GO RIGHT AROUND &WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT. But, for what? To get a man to do a double take? You must realize we are worth so much more. We need to stand our own. 

We are the future, just make sure we’re making a good one. You need love, and most importantly you need to love yourself. xoxo. 

 When you&#8217;re at your best mentally, you get there physically. 
Always remember you&#8217;re the best. You&#8217;re royalty. THIS IS YOUR LIFE &amp;YOU RUN IT. Never let someone put you down. You need love, and the first place to get it is within. 

When you’re at your best mentally, you get there physically. 

Always remember you’re the best. You’re royalty. THIS IS YOUR LIFE &YOU RUN IT. Never let someone put you down. You need love, and the first place to get it is within.